Vendor Handbook – Requirements for Food Prepared Off-Site

Requirements for Food Prepared Off-Site

  • Baking and processed foods must be pre-packaged at point of production, or contained in a display case to protect from airborne and human contamination
  • Containers and wrappings must be single-use only
  • All canned products must be packaged in sterilized jars and sealed with new vacuum lids
  • Maple syrup and honey must be graded and packed in new and sterilized containers
  • Eggs must be graded, packed in new containers, and kept in a refrigerator or cooler with only an empty carton on display
  • Meat, poultry, and fish must be packaged and frozen at origin, and kept in a refrigerator or cooler at a temperature of -18°C or colder
  • Items containing ingredients such as meat, cheese, dairy, or eggs are considered hazardous and must be kept in a refrigerator or cooler
  • Sampling:
    • Do not allow customers to get hands anywhere near samples to be eaten by other customers
    • Prepare individual samples that cannot be handled by more than one person
    • Provide toothpicks or small paper containers, or pass out each sample
    • Samples may not be heated outside stall area
    • Watch children very closely
    • Any vendor who provides food samples is required to have a simple hand washing station in his/her stall (see above)