Barking Barista Coffee

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Can’t decide which delicious coffee to try? Scroll down to see information about each variety.


Coffee Descriptions

Coffee Names Origin Roast Level Tasting Notes
Doggy Style Mexico Dark Organic Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Toffee
Fiesty Fido Blend Espresso Nice crema, Beautiful mouthfeel, Well balanced
Hair of the Dog Nicaragua Dark Organic, Fair-Trade Nice sweetness, Yellow Plum, Butterscotch
Just Neutered Colombia Dark / DECAFFEINATED Organic, Fair-Trade Swiss Water Process Decaf
Leg Humper Peru Dark Organic, Direct-Trade Full Body, Pear, Papaya
Muzzle Punch Sumatra Dark Organic Ketiara Coop
Off The Leash Brazil Dark Direct-Trade Marked sweetness, Full body
Ruff Morning Guatemala Medium / Dark Balanced
Squirrel?! Colombia Light to Medium Direct-Trade Chalos, Low acidity, Smooth
The Hemingway Papua New Guinea Medium Nice sweetness, Cocoa, Strawberry, Fuji Apple