Bay Sweet Bay

Since 2014, Bay Sweet Bay has offered customers unique, customized sweets to commemorate their special occasions and make them feel special. Owner Sawsan, a resident of Constance Bay, is a passionate, self-taught baker. She loves to make delicious pieces of art from sugar cookies, cake pops, cakes and cupcakes. Her delectable treats are perfect for parties and as wedding favours. She started out making sweets for friends. Bay Sweet Bay was inspired when friends encouraged her to start sharing her edible art with the world.

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Bake My Day

Penny’s stall is among the most popular when she’s at the market, not only for her delicious selection of cupcakes, squares, and cookies and her decadent fudge, but also for her sunny personality! Penny usually sells out early when she joins us, so her stall should be among the first on your list.


Julia’s Tree Stand Maple Syrup

Julia’s Tree Stand Maple is one of our long standing vendors.

Julia Cheeseman is a busy mom with two little ones. Julia loves the outdoors and bringing its goodness to you. When at the market, Julia offers a full maple experience by bringing maple pies, maple cones and maple butter in addition to her various sized bottles of syrup. Julia’s
product is of such quality you’ll find it in local stores and the Brookstreet Hotel gift shop. In the
last few years, Julia has branched out into bee keeping and brings her honey to market too.

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Limestone Acres Farm

Amanda Gillespie, mom to two young ones, is new to farming but has done so much in a
short time on her small acreage. As owner of Limestone Acres Farms, Amanda brings a full complement of produce to the market but may be best known for her delicious raw honey and practical yet fun beeswax products. Amanda’s stall delights the eyes with the addition of crafts and flowers from her farm. In addition to feeding the community, Amanda nurtures local preschool children at her Farm School.

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The Soap Spot

The Soap Spot makes luscious, homemade, small batch lotions, soaps, and bath bombs. Their beautiful products are always a big hit with our shoppers — be sure to treat yourself.

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St. Gabriel’s Heavenly Pies

St. Gabriel’s bakers are busy volunteering in the Community with Soup for Seniors, driving for Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC), serving meals at the Seniors Diners Club, and helping at the Coffee Socials at the Northwind Wireless Fibe Community Centre in Constance Bay, but they always have time for their church activities. St. Gabriel’s Heavenly Pies offer fruit pies, cheesecake, maple butter tarts, date squares, cookies and more. Onsite at the Market, they prepare bacon on a bun fresh off the grill. In the Fall, they start preparing tourtière for your Christmas table. Stop by for breakfast and pick up one of their mouthwatering desserts for later.

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Woodkilton Gardens

Amanda Chapman works full-time and has a young family but somehow finds the
time to grow and bring a varied bounty of produce to the market. Amanda has a
talent for turning her vegetables and fruit into delectable jams, jellies, pickles and
salsas, and makes some of the most interesting combinations we’ve ever tasted. But
Amanda doesn’t stop there! She delights our customers with sour dough bread and
cinnamon buns too. Amanda’s family joins the team with her daughter Emma
helping with the baking and crafting and her son Blake helping with customers.

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