Limestone Acres Farm

Amanda Gillespie, mom to two young ones, is new to farming but has done so much in a
short time on her small acreage. As owner of Limestone Acres Farms, Amanda brings a full complement of produce to the market but may be best known for her delicious raw honey and practical yet fun beeswax products. Amanda’s stall delights the eyes with the addition of crafts and flowers from her farm. In addition to feeding the community, Amanda nurtures local preschool children at her Farm School.

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Woodkilton Gardens

Amanda Chapman works full-time and has a young family but somehow finds the
time to grow and bring a varied bounty of produce to the market. Amanda has a
talent for turning her vegetables and fruit into delectable jams, jellies, pickles and
salsas, and makes some of the most interesting combinations we’ve ever tasted. But
Amanda doesn’t stop there! She delights our customers with sour dough bread and
cinnamon buns too. Amanda’s family joins the team with her daughter Emma
helping with the baking and crafting and her son Blake helping with customers.

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